Der Läufer

Hannes Baumgartner, Switzerland, 2017o


After a difficult childhood, Jonas Widmer seems to have found his way. He is one of the best young Swiss long-distance runners, works as a cook and soon wants to move in with his girlfriend. After failing to defend his title at his home race, the introverted athlete is overcome with strange feelings, though and begins a second life as a nocturnal stalker of young women. The film is based on a true criminal case involving a young runner from the Bern region shortly after 2000.

No, we do not find out why a successful Swiss military runner murdered an unknown woman on the street. Director Hannes Baumgartners remarkable first work resists the temptation to understand the crime, and even less to explain it. His protagonist communicates primarely physically – when he looks, withdraws, breathes and above all when he runs. And runs. That his physical exertion is an outlet for childhood experiences that we don't know, for the pain over his brother's suicide, which we only hear about, and for the protagonist's inability to communicate with others - all that becomes immediately clear. We also get to know without saying that the initial, more accidental crimes that escalate to horrific acts are just a desperate struggle against one's own frustration. The film is as sober, disciplined and hermetic as its protagonist. But that's a good thing: The almost uncommented bewilderment is a better approach to actions as the one described above than it would be the more common way of a strong emotionalization.

Till Brockmann

Hannes Baumgartner liess sich vom Fall des Waffenläufers Mischa Ebner inspirieren, der 2002 in Bern mehrere Frauen brutal angegriffen und eine getötet hatte. Der Regisseur nimmt mit kühlem Blick die Täterpsychologie ins Visier und verzichtet auf Effekte und Thrill. Das ist bedrückend karg und beeindruckend konsequent. Max Hubacher glänzt in der auch physisch anspruchsvollen Rolle.

Regula Fuchs


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Interview mit Ivan Madeo und Hannes Baumgartner
/ Kinoevent Rapperswil
de / 1/25/2019 / 25‘23‘‘

Bericht zum Film und Interview
de / 10/2/2018 / 4‘13‘‘

Bericht über Geständnis von Mischa Ebner
de / 9/16/2002 / 4‘29‘‘

Bericht zum realen Kriminalfall
From / SRF
de / 04‘15‘‘

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Other titles
Le Coureur FR
Midnight Runner EN
Running time
90 Min.
Original language
Swiss German
Important Awards
Swiss Film Award 2019: Best Fiction Film (Nominated)
ØYour rating5.8/10
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5.9 (281)
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Cast & Crewo

Max HubacherJonas
Sylvia RohrerBarbara
Luna WedlerLaura


Interview mit Ivan Madeo und Hannes Baumgartner
Kinoevent Rapperswil, de , 25‘23‘‘
Bericht zum Film und Interview
SRF, de , 4‘13‘‘
Bericht über Geständnis von Mischa Ebner
SRF, de , 4‘29‘‘
Review Variety
Guy Lodge
Interview with Hannes Baumgartner / Giorgia del Don
Review Filmbulletin
Tereza Fischer
Review Cinema - Das Filmjahrbuch
Katja Zellweger
Interview mit Hannes Baumgartner / Geri Krebs
Giorgia Del Don
Bericht zum realen Kriminalfall
SRF / de / 04‘15‘‘
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